The name of the Association will be the CLEVEDON TWINNING ASSOCIATION




2.1To promote and support community spirit, to emphasis the friendship in its nature and provide various activities and advice to its members.


2.2  To promote friendly relations with our European Partners with special attention to our twin towns of ETTLINGEN (Germany), EPERNAY (France) , and MIDDLEKERKE (Belgium) and any future Twinning projects.


3            MEMBERSHIP


3.1 Application for membership is open to all residents and representatives of bona fide organisations in Clevedon and the surrounding area.


3.2  Membership may be renewed annually, subject to payment of an Annual Subscription the amount of which will be agreed at the Annual General Meeting and are due and payable as from that date. All monies raised by subscriptions shall be used towards the administration costs of the Association. Any residue to remain in the Association Funds.


3.3  Membership which has not been renewed within two calendar months of the date of the Annual General Meeting will be deemed to have lapsed


3.4  The Clevedon Town Council may appoint one representative Councillor to the Committee.


3.5  The Committee has the discretion to award Honorary Life Membership for meritorious service to the Association.




4.1 There shall be a committee consisting of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman

Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer together with one member nominated by the Town Council to serve during the Councils year, plus a number of other elected members to represent Organisations and individuals of the association. The number of such elected members to be decided at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee can co-opt one additional Town Councillor to serve until the following Annual General Meeting.

4.2  The Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Assistant-Secretary and Treasurer will be elected annually at the Annual General meeting


4.3  Nominations for officers and committee members may be submitted prior to the meeting or received from the floor, with a secret ballot if deemed necessary.


4.4  The Committee may elect a President.


4.5  For voting purposes at a committee there should be a quorum. This to consist of at least 2 elected officers and 3 other members.


4.6  The committee may appoint Trustees of the Association, and elect representatives to other Organisations as required. It may appoint ad hoc committees as deemed necessary in the interests of carrying out the business of the Association.


4.7  The committee will meet at least four times during the Associations year. These meetings will be will be arranged by the Chairman in consultation with the Secretary


4.8  In the event of a standing Committee or sub-committee being appointed at the Annual General Meeting, such committees may elect their own Chairman., Meetings to be convened as the need arises, reports to be made at the next Full Committee meeting. The Association Chairman and Secretary shall receive notice of all meetings. And may attend ex Officio if the wish. Any person may be co-opted to serve on sub-committees in order to achieve the aims and objectives of the Association.


5       FINANCE


5.1 The Income and Assets of the Association shall be used solely for the benefit of the Association


5.2  All fund raising profits shall be payable to the Association through the Treasurer, such profits being appropriated to the accounts set up for specific purposes as determined or approved by the committee.


5.3  The Treasurer in the name of the association shall maintain a main Bank account.


5.4  Withdrawals from the association Bank account shall be made against any two of the following signatures Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer Secretary.


5.5  The Association Financial year shall end on the 30th September each year when accounts shall be submitted for Audit, by a suitably qualified person, prior to approval at the Annual General Meeting.


5.6  In the event of dissolution of the Association all surplus funds available after winding up all accounts shall be transferred to such registered charities, as the Committee shall at its discretion decide.


5.7  North Somerset Twinning Management Trust


Should any paid up member of the Twinning Association claim for financial Aid during its first year of membership, a charge of £25 will be levied.




6.1 An Annual General Meeting shall be convened in the month of November on a date to be decided by the Association Chairman in conjunction with the Secretary. Notice of such meeting shall be notified in the local press at least 14 days prior to the appointed date


6.2 Special General meetings may be summoned by the Chairman or upon a request being forwarded to the Secretary giving the purpose of such meeting, and signed by not less than ten members of the Association. At least fourteen days notice of such a meeting to be given.





7.1 The Association shall affiliate to such organisations as decided by the Committee with the objective of furthering the interests of the members of the Association.





8.1 Any proposals for the dissolution of the Association shall be by consent of the majority of the current membership attending and voting at the AGM or Special General meeting called for this specific purpose. Notice of such meeting haven been given in local press at least fourteen days prior to the meeting. On dissolution all Association funds to be disposed of in accordance with Article 5.6




9.1 Amendments to the Articles of Constitution shall be ratified at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting called specifically for such purpose. Any amendments shall require a majority decision with a quorum of ten people


9.2 The Constitution will be reviewed at least every five years


9.3 The Committee’s interpretation of any question arising on the constitution or on any other matter in dispute shall be final.


9.4 In cases of alleged misconduct by, or proposed expulsion of, any members an appeal to a special General Meeting may be made. In that event the decision of the meeting shall be final.